Use this personal income tax checklist to help you get organized whether you see a tax professional or prepare your own taxes.

Income slips T4; T3; T5; RC62; T4A; OAS; CPP; T4RSP; T4E; RL1; RL3;…
Rental income Rent collected
Rental expenses Advertising; Insurance; Interest; Office expenses; Legal; Management fee; Maintenance; Salaries; Property tax; Travel; Utilities; Vehicle; Other
Alimony paid or received
Business gross income
Business expenses Purchases; Wages; Subcontracts; Advertising; Meals & entertainment; Insurance; Interest; fees and licenses; Office expenses; Supplies; Legal; Management fee; Maintenance; Salaries; Property tax; Travel; Rent; Utilities; Telephone; Delivery; Vehicle; Home office; other
RRSP Contributions
Pension splitting
Professional membership fee
Child care expenses Usually the spouse with a lower net income should claim these expenses.
Disability supports deduction Approved T2201 is required. Only the person with the impairment can make a claim
Moving expenses
Capital gain or loss Publicly traded shares; mutual funds; real estates; other
Investment advice fee
Interest expenses on investments
Employment expenses Approved T2200 is required
Ontario child care tax credit Ontario resident with less than $150,000 family income and eligible to claim child care expenses
Educator school supply tax credit To be claimed by a teacher or early childhood educator employed at an elementary or secondary school or a regulated child care facility
First time home buyer
Qualified Canadian journalism organization (QCJO) Within any fiscal year (2020 through 2024), you can claim up to $500 in costs incurred for a subscription to a QCJO. You will then receive a 15% non-refundable credit on the amount paid to a maximum of $75 annually.
Adoption expenses
Caregiver amount Dependents over 65; impaired dependents over 18
Home accessibility expenses Eligible for the disability tax credit or over 65 years old
Disability tax credit Approved T2201 is required
Student loan interest
Tuition T2202 is required
Medical expenses
Disclose foreign property Required if the aggregate cost of foreign properties exceeds CAD100K. This must be disclosed in T1135
Disposing a principal residence Form T2091, Designation of a Property as a Principal Residence (or Form T1255 for deceased taxpayers) must be kept by the taxpayer in case the CRA asks for it